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Public Relations.


Consumer Advocacy.

Profundity Communications, Inc.

pro·fun·di·ty [noun]: intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge; keen insight.

Profundity Communications, Inc. focuses on building strong brands in the mortgage industry that help increase its clients’ revenues. To be successful, you need a solid marketing communications strategy with clear goals and corresponding action items to execute on. It’s about measurable results, and that’s what Profundity delivers.
Your Success is Our Success.

In addition, we also have a Consumer Advocacy component to our business. Have you been ripped off or taken advantage of by a dishonest company? Whether it's a small entity or a Fortune 500, Profundity protects consumers and exposes the "bad guys" by leveraging the power of PR, creating hard-hitting awareness campaigns, and tapping legal resources with wicked-sharp teeth. We call our approach "Aggressive Advocacy."



Based in Newport Beach, California, Profundity Communications, Inc. was founded by Joe Bowerbank, a marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience. Profundity is dedicated to working with clients exclusively in the mortgage banking industry.  Established in 2010, Profundity has represented fintech vendors and lending entities spanning origination, capital markets, servicing, and more. Wherever you fit into the mortgage supply chain, Profundity will grow your brand and help increase revenues.

Profundity’s founder is incredibly passionate about strategic marketing communications, the services delivered, and most importantly — stellar, ongoing results.  Profundity’s greatest asset is satisfied clients.  We’re not just another vendor; we’re your long-term partner.

Many marketing and public relations firms will engage with any client.  Profundity, however, is focused on establishing long-term, best-fit engagements. Profundity realizes that one size does not fit all.  If, after evaluating a potential client’s marketing objectives, and the potential engagement does not appear to be a good fit, Profundity will not represent your organization merely for the sake of capturing new business.  Further, unlike many firms, Profundity will never represent your direct competitors. 

Profundity produces results with integrity and passion. Period.

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Profundity Communications, Inc. offers a variety of services that encompass nearly all facets of marketing communications to fit your specific business needs and goals. A specific emphasis is placed on leveraging public relations, digital marketing, content marketing and other forms of communication tactics and strategies in order to brand companies in the mortgage industry using the most cost effective and high-impact marketing mediums.


  • Press Releases & Targeted Media Distribution

  • Feature Story Article Development

  • Bylined/Contributed Articles

  • Ghost Writing

  • Media Relations & Executive Interview Placement

  • Press Kit Creation

  • Award Proposals & Pitches

  • Panel Session Proposals & Pitches 


  • Marketing Communications Plans

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Public Relations Strategies

  • Product Launches

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Development & Management

  • Positioning

  • Key Message Development

  • Competitor Depositioning

  • Market Research


  • Brochures

  • Datasheets/Sell Sheets

  • Powerpoints

  • Sales Presentations


  • Digital Campaigns

  • Advertising Rate Negotiations 
    & Publication Placement


  • Website Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Social Media


  • Case Studies

  • Testimonials

  • Whitepapers

  • Websites

  • Marketing Collateral


  • Planning & Management

  • Positioning

  • Pre, At, and Post Show Marketing


  • Logos

  • Taglines

  • Product Names

  • Branding Guidelines/Colors

  • Letterhead/Business Cards


  • Fighting for the consumer

  • Creating awareness campaigns that expose
    the "bad guys" (a.k.a. Aggressive Advocacy)

  • Press releases & working with the media

  • Legal resources



What is Consumer Advocacy? 
In short, consumer advocacy has to do with various actions taken by individuals and/or groups that promote and protect the interests of the buying public.

What is Profundity’s Approach to Consumer Advocacy?
Put simply, the type of consumer advocacy that Profundity Communications, Inc. helps with has to do with the “bad guys” (businesses both large & small) taking advantage of the “little guys” (consumers).  Profundity takes various actions using a strategic approach accompanied by relentless, hard-hitting tactics that expose organizations taking advantage of the consumers.  We call our approach "Aggressive Advocacy."

We aim to create swift movement and obtain an auspicious outcome for consumers, as well as effectuating long-term change to the policies and procedures of the business practices that the offender engages in --- with the ultimate goal of also protecting other consumers from being taken advantage of.

How Does Profundity Make a Difference? 
We leverage a number of high-impact marketing mediums to expose the bad guys --- ranging from public relations, the social media, working with numerous complaint outlets, legal resources, and more.  Profundity does not represent its own views; we simply tell the victim’s narrative from start to finish and let the public judge them, which in some cases involves litigation.

What is Profundity’s Role?
Our role is to offer tailored support to those consumers who feel they are not being heard, to ensure they are taken seriously, and that their rights are respected. Profundity takes the wrong done to consumers and applies pressure to organizations to make it right. Period.


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Newport Beach, CA  92663


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